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the same day she's had it has shown that the decree of the stc provides the energy conservation issues. the star is located on the town feel and this is not about to score a docent olds on these rooms required information to us ventilation system installed in the civic theater is quite time consuming and almost two hundred and twenty k in about hours of interest to waste it the most important tasks set by the developers was to reduce the energy intensity of the system. stamina than to make sometimes bordered on it is not a word that explains. that meant a sea of energy conservation and ventilation systems. many clients and residents do not see this ventilation system although any building any shopping center. all these building must have a ventilation system. last season was due to ventilation come the three times as significant as he tell the whole building. from what appeared to. a system developed to suggest he's adding warmth in buildings and nigeria with the help of the keep racing. the selected item not to let it cook in a suit standing for taking back the running to the prices o
up energy production all over the countr country, fracking, you tell me, these five things, i would think the alternative party in the country could agree with? >> well, sean, to quote jerry mcguire, you had me at hello. >> i'm trying to get an answer. >> i completely agree. yes, yes, yes and yes. you're exactly right. but look, that is presenting a positive pro-growth vision. there is a better way. we can bring back economic growth and get people back to work but not continuing down the road of the obama economic policy which is hurting millions of american's all over this country. >> are you seriously considering, a lot of people banter your name out there, are you considering a run for the 2016 presidency? >> well, i appreciate the question. right now i'm trying to win the senate. i think republicans can take control of the senate in 2014. my view as a senator, as a voter, the person who i intend to vote for is whoever is standing up and leading, whoever is effectively leading. i hope everyone stepping up. i hope we have an abundance of riches. that would be a terrific outcome fo
energy bio fuel from one of the world's most abundant life points to algae fossil fuels like oil rapidly disappearing. finding the new energy sources is critical. that's right touch of meats more authentic eco energy is finding ways to help local and international energy suppliers and infrastructure companies go green the algae is attractive because not only reduces costs and outside and smoke stacks. it also doesn't compete with cops for farmland. algae as a biofuel could produce thirty times more oil per acre than other crops such as corn and sugarcane. it will also be non toxic juice milk salt provide context and that i don't agree quickly the dpp group and the ppt fee of up to the twentieth anniversary of the eu single market we're also looking at the future of the single market and how it can cause acute europe's economic revival by creating more jobs and stronger for it. perhaps the most promising prospect is that digital single market sector. abbas potential to win hearts our lives and our prosperity. early this year the european commission tabled a proposal to reform what's known
to look at it is they just feel energy and react to energy. so if your energy is good and you're happy, they're going to be happy. your energy is bad and negative, then their energy is going to be low and/or negative, too. >> same thing happens with my co-anchors. dog specialists say the best move is a simple one. don't put temptation in your dog's way to begin with. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf... is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. get sta-green fertilizer now just $8 at lowe's. ♪ south, so go the warriors w were in search of their 5th straight win tonight, in o... >>> when steph curry's shots go south, so go the warriors. just five points on two of 10 shooting in the house that jordan built for curry, the bulls outrebounded the warriors 56-41. the shot spaced but knocked
at it is they just feel energy and react to energy. so if your energy is good and you're happy, they're going to be happy. your energy is bad and negative, then their energy is going to be low and/or negative, too. >> same thing happens with my co-anchors. dog specialists say the best move is a simple one. don't put temptation in ,,,,,,,, south, so go the warriors w were in search of their 5th straight win tonight, in o... >>> when steph curry's shots go south, so go the warriors. just five points on two of 10 shooting in the house that jordan built for curry, the bulls outrebounded the warriors 56-41. the shot spaced but knocked in on the second attempt. -- is missed but knocked in on the second attempt. there's a fast pace dunk for jimmy butler. chicago seals the deal in the 3rd thanks to a 14-2 run and sloppy play. 16 turnovers. joakim noah, carlos boozer, bulls win 103-83. >>> cardinal had a chance to take over third place in the pac-12, but arizona state jahii carson carved them up. the devils win 76-64, a closer score than the game really was. by the way, cal lost to arizona. >>> it is
november tends to have less than its course without cctv. part of its commitment to grow its clean energy economy new york city has on bio dome and a roof top solar installation incorporating new technology if successful with ceci says the site will be of good friends of the politics of correspondence korea cuba as the story. this rooftop in the bronx. not only has a stellar view of manhattan but is now home to the city's largest solar installation. it has more than forty seven hundred solar panels which will generate in excess of one point eight million kilowatt hours of clean energy pre year it'll end up running over thirty percent of our time electric usage for the building of the post peter clare otc senior vice president jan term cash and carry a large steel food service supplier and invested in the project. he says energy costs at this two hundred thousand square foot location. among the biggest expenses. this facility with all the refrigeration and freezer that we had to take substantial the environmental protection agency says the installation will likely offset more than twelve h
since thanksgiving. is that because the street now sees tesla as an energy company, not just an electric car company? we have one guest who's going to make that case coming up. >> that story, bill, tesla, has been the story all week. now, here's how we stand in markets. what were you going to stay? >> i was going to say an analyst price forecast for that stock are all over the map. from the $200 range to the $60 range. >> pun intended. any who, here's where the dow stands. up to 16,245. meanwhile, as we mentioned off the top, the s&p 500 up about six points to just about 1851 at this hour. that's three points above its all-time closing high. >> all right, everybody. belly up. let's talk about this marketing in today's "closing bell" exchange. we have a lot of people, more who will be joining us. heather hughes just sitting down. how are you? >> good. >> greg ip from the economist. we have john doyle, jim lowell from adviser investments. we have steve liesman, rick santelli. it's a cast of thousands here. steve, i'm going to start with you. give us the hits and runs of janet yellen's test
can make adjustments that satisfies everyone and thank you for all the energy >> any comments. so i have a few. one is that, you know, so i'm disappointed that the chief didn't sign the m l u with the recommendations from the board. this is an opportunity to deny the police role and he said it will prohibit the police officers but it will deny the jobs with the san francisco school districts and that's a core of community planning, zoning, and economic committee we can deny within our. view how we work with the police as they protect and serve our community. they set the perimeters outside of school where we have no jurisdiction but within our schools we have the jurisdiction. i feel even though people have said to me they keep our schools save i think actually with a tithe written m l u it keeps our students safer. i agree with commissioner maufas but i want to put on the record i'm disappointed he doesn't sign that. i make a recommendations that every officer that works in our school should come to one of our training. he said should but really i feel like they shall. i feel like
. bridget, your energy and spirit up lifts those around you. in fact, when i feel down, i drive by the shop and see her smile and feel a lot better. bridget, i want to say that you are just such a great example of the community, as a strong role model special for asparing woman of color that also hope some day they will start their own business. thank you for being here and sharing your energy, bridget. >> first of all i would like to say it is privilege to be here and honors for all the people that were up here before me. they have done so much for their communities. this is such a honor because usually when i dm to city hall i'm stressed out and dealing with taxes and stuff like that so this is the first time i have been here without being stressed out. i'm so thankful i grateful and want to give nob nab i would like to say that it wasn't spoken about my mom that she originally started a business and she is right there, i would like her to stand. the whole crew-i would like all them to stand, that is my sporelt team and friend and family and sthai are they are the only ones here.
section of the legislation, it takes a lot more resources, energy, and water, for example, to produce and transport bottled water than it does to produce tap water and there is the waste, of course. plastics end up in our oceanses much more than they should and harm animals [speaker not understood]. another issue i think by a few speakers that came up at our meeting, increasing the availability of drinking water in public areas is important because drinking water shouldn't be available only to those who can afford to pay a premium for it. and the last thing to add and president chiu brought this up earlier, is that we would also support [speaker not understood] to strengthen legislation by reducing ability to grant waivers and completely understand that there are quarterly reporting requirements and why they were granted, but we would like something even stronger. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. commissioner rabanas. i apologize, i didn't realize you were here. i would have called you up earlier. >>> no need, i have to be a private citizen. my name is ruth [speaker not un
about sempra energy? you know i like these good conservative companies. shocker? i don't think so. seventh, ebay! what can i say? we have been red hot on this country ever since carl eicahn got involved. when we've seen the corporate breakups in the past, they've made us a ton of money. whitewave broke off of dean foods. a national food company is going to be able to be on a stand-alone basis more effective than a combined company that has just gotten milk and focused natural foods. i think acahn is right. ebay should split up, too. we know value and breakups work. this is the gift that keeps on giving. thank you carl icahn. and verizon. now that the deal allowing verizon to buy the rest of verizon wireless closed, all the brokers are piling in, praising it and both jpmorgan and morgan stanley today. i know expressed frustration because i like the deal so much. just when you start to get maximum frustration is when things get real interesting. verizon could be a core holding for any portfolio. it remains the stock i shout back at people when they shout back at me, jim, booyah, wha
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is power... focus is life... and 5-hour energy is focus. with over 100,000 miles. most vehicles on the road that's the power of german engineering. e. [cheers and applause] jorchg ladies and. >> jon: ladies and gentlemen, i'm so excited. it's time once again to check in on our neighbors to the south. no not -- [laughter] we're not doing a story on the 51st food market, not our literal neighbors to the south. they do have a terrific turkey sandwich. my point is this, thank you. mexico. [ laughter ] after more than a decade a brutal war with massive drug cartels has been a defining fact of life and last weekend a break. >> the capture of one of most wanted criminals on the planet who headed the most powerful drug operation in the world. mexican drug lord joaquin guzman known as el chapo has been captured ending a 13-year long manhunt. >> jon: el chapo got el popped-o. it translated to either a short stout person or corn porridge. [laughter] which kind of a weird name for a tough game. let me introduce you to my gang. you know me corn porridge. over in the corner jimmy oatmeal, gary gruel. thi
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in a regular car stores electricity at a lower energy density. they are later. -- later. -- lioghter. >> they cost a lot more. you can pick up the battery in your car for 100 and the dollars -- $150. the lithium-ion batteries in a tesla cost about $40,000. plan going to be built with a combination of public and private money? >> we do not know yet. there will certainly be some tax incentives involved. said that elon musk he would announce the state of the earnings call. he has not denounced yet. he is playing hardball. >> why do you think nevada is the place that will get it? at -- ou look >> they build the car in california. >> geographically, they are the winners. there are rail lines. >> the lithium is there. but there is a lithium mine in northern nevada. there are reserves in wyoming. that is good. lithium is a big cost. >> think about how exciting this is. maybe i have drunk the elon musk lay. -- kool-aid, it is going to be a huge factory. they will have the capacity to build more battery power than all the other lithium-ion factories in the world combined. >> how many automobi
islamist energies into a nonviolent channel. that is not the case anymore. now they are outlawed and they have been gunned down in the streets in large numbers, or than 1000. tens of thousands of them have been jailed. that he's on nonviolent channel has been eliminated. >> and i assume it has been radicalizing the moderates among them. >> the actual members, the nominally illegal. they became a safety valve. they were a way to direct islamist energies into a nonviolent channel. that is not the case anymore. dues-paying members who attend brotherhood ideology, i do not think they are likely to take up arms. that is a relatively small number of people who voted for president morsi. when you're talking about radicalizing, you are talking about younger people who might have been attracted to the muslim brotherhood, but did not become fully involved. now they may be attracted to these newer, more militant groups. there is a new group carrying the fight militant insurgency egypt right now. they grew up and they were formed in the sinai initially with the aim of making trouble for isra
detailed energy information and two way communication between customers and theer company. the information could help customers understand electric and gas usage and meet energy reduction goals. the fees to opt-out of the meters are $75 up front. then $14 a month for pepco customers and $11 a month for bg&e customers. >> a gold, silver or bronze isn't all russia's olympic medalists are taking away from the sochi games. the government is giving all 33 of them a white mercedes-benz with the russian olympic team logo. a couple of medalists aren't even old enough to drive but they've solution for that. they will also gate driver. russia finished at the top of the count for both overall medals and number of golds. >>> coming up at 6:00, hundreds of people fighting to stay in their homes before the water is shut off to an entire building. we'll report how those people just bought a bit more time. >> 40-minute commute that now takes more than an hour . >>> first at 6:30 tonight the remarkable details of the life of a survivor of the holocaust. >> a life ended yesterday when he was hit by a school
language.) >> it is here that in the area of health, energy and new technologies new products are developed and new medicines are intensity and a on what grounds are found and those will change radly the people of the united states but also have people all over the world. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and this is precisely we're so proud that more than 3 hundred french companies have chosen to settle down in san francisco. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and we'll also particularly proud that a third of american investments in france come from this area. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we have a historic ties that is true the french have attributed to the creation of city and other french folks create vineyard in this area and now more french meanwhile will settle down here for conversation in the district speeding i hope you'll forgive us for thinking why so many french people want to come and live here is because they think they're in france (laughter) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we've got strong cultural diaz ties between paris and san francisc
. some productivity you don't need as much investment in energy and a. liz: the chart looks negative, the stock fell off a cliff. you sound positive. is there an opportunity? >> it is an opportunity. proof of concept will come in queue 4. even though they had lower numbers due to a promotable holiday but as you look at everyone who has worked in retail over the last couple weeks i don't think anyone had a good holiday and is not something specific to them. there are pluses and minuses to their business. this stock goes higher from here but ultimately you needed. q 4 to have a big move. liz: we appreciate it. back to work. thanks a lot. carl icahn furrowing another plunge in his public battle with ebay. the billionaire investor firing off his third letter to shareholders, he is behind the typewriter sending his letters out, riling everyone up. the ecommerce diet isn't backing down, the founder and chairman himself responded so who's going to win this fight? title wealth management and the freeman, carl icahn is on fire. is he right or a giant pain in the ass? >> the bins we are sittin
by some energy independence. we ought to be using more natural gas. we ought to be using more cng. >> in cars? >> yes. it is very doable. it gets us more efficiency. we become more energy independent. >> if you're in the market for less fuel-efficient way of getting around, just call the army. it is giving away their team thousand armored vehicles left over from iraq and afghanistan. there are mine resistant ambush protected truck built specifically for the challenges of warfare. take a look at who is getting their hands on some very high-powered military surplus. ♪ one place that definitely doesn't need any more trucks, beijing. in an effort to manage traffic congestion, the city is limiting the number of new license plates, allowing expiring ones to bid on them. 1400 request so far for electric cars. this is according to municipal website. either way, that is in a city of 21 million people. beijing even bigger problems. it is probably air pollution. the city has been plagued by thick smog which has reached hazardous levels just ahead of the national people's congress next week
are massive. it takes 2000 times more energy to manufacture, transport, distribute, and discard water bottles as it does to access tap water. now, in san francisco we're extremely fortunate to have access to healthy tap water. our hetch hetchy water costs a third of a penny per gallon versus the 1 to $4 per gallon in the single serving plastic water bot l. the quality of our tap water is tedtion over 100,000 times a year. we have some of the highest quality tap water in the united states. in the last few years i want to thank the various city departments in my office, partner on a number of efforts to develop tap water. in 2012 i sponsored first in the country legislation to acquire new buildings to install bottle filling stations. and the legislation that we are considering today is another first in the country step in this area. now, i'll note places like concord, massachusetts, 14 national park and many universities across our country have instituted outright bans on plastic water bottles. this takes a targeted approach to he dries our waste on city property and in city facilities. the leg
the energy comes from in the south so what they want to do what they've been able to do in monkeys is replace that my new country a of a woman who might have genetic defects. this is about one in four thousand children are affected by these mitochondrial defects and replace that with a healthy woman's honor country. so that's where you get taken in third person getting involved in the dna process so that the talks are very much limited to this one process of mitochondria manipulation and i really addressing that call concerned that are being raised for the ethical concerns but specifically related to this one. not counting the broader question of manipulating the sperm and tanks broccoli. ellie and we hear that to you is better than whining when she say that the resources that dna are better than jail. i know is who like to bring as many people in the data making process as possible so i dad dad more dna that matter. but what is being open to worry about this you know the name babies in this regard i think is a much bigger problem in this country in terms of baby peanut. it's every day. he an
. a human energy crisis going on. quaker real medleys has real fruit... nuts and multigrains. power up with the good energy of quaker real medleys. quaker up. ♪ she singeth as she flies [ inhales sharply ] [ bird sings ] caw-caw! [ female announcer ] cooling and soothing halls air. what are you breathing? try our delicious new fresh mex bowls with chipotle or margarita chicken. all served with a bowl of soup, like our new southwest chicken. chili's lunch combo starting at 6 bucks. more life happens here. ♪ >>> welcome back. time to check "the pulse" and we start with a rather unique outfit worn by jimmy kimmel. >> he wore a suit completely made of loom bracelets. basically the small rubber bands that the children weave together. >> kimmel asked for and received thousands and thousands of them from viewers. >> please know that right now each and every one of my body hairs is caught in a rubber band simultaneously. [ cheers and applause ] >> you have to laugh at that one. the show received so many looms they had enough to make a pair of shorts for guillermo. >> his band even wore tie
more mod rad ideas to focus our energies on. one of the key things i think senators and representatives can come together to do, is to rehabilitate our image and send a message to businesses that arizona is open for business to everyone. we want the super bowl, we want conventions and we want people to recognize how great our state is. there is an opportunity for bipartisan amendment making here. >> i think tonight is the first step in that happening. >> thank you. >> jan brewer has tweeted a picture of her veto. that is the way we ring in the veto these days. the pressure on jan brewer to veto 1062 was intense. democrat came from the conservative establishment who were rushing to condemn the bill. even fox news. >> i look at this bill and i wonder whether this is a reaction, an over reaction. in the end they may have struck back in a way that's deeply offensive to many, and potentially dangerous. >> basically it allows people to discriminate. >> i don't know why you would want to bring jim crow-log bag to the forefront for homosexuals. >> mitt romney has come out against the bill. whic
ordinary energy is put in the hands of extraordinary people, amazing things happen. the kind of things that drive us to do more, to go further, to be better. we're dedicated to being a company you can count on, because you've always been customers we believe in. your energy plus ours. together, there's no limit to what we can achieve. there was a boy who traveled to a faraway place. where castles were houses and valiant knights stood watch. for the kingdom was vast, and monsters lurked in the deep, and the good queen showed the boy it could all be real. avo: all of great britain, all in one place. book on expedia before march 16th and save up to thirty percent. >> i give great concern and careful evaluation and deliberate consideration and especially to senate bill 1062. i call them like i see them. despite the tears or the boos from the crowd. i took the necessary time to make the right decision. as governor, i have asked questions and i have listened. i have protected religious freedoms when there is a specific and present concern that exists in our state. and i have the record to pr
and can fund the development of a lot of energy infrastructure, that will drive road, rail, and other transportation infrastructure we're talking about. you need a private sector impetus. dry?sentially the pot is the piggy bank is empty? >> it pretty much is. highway funding is done. vehicle miles traveled have been dropping. gas tax revenues are falling. the need for a public-private partnership. you have private money coupled with public management. why can't we get that done? >> that does happen. but the economic incentive has to be there. we start natural gas exports and crude oil exports. the prices equalize between the center of the u.s. where the crude oil piles up in barrels and the rest of the world -- you can have it better environment for private investment and international energy agency's have estimated that it is in the trillions of dollars, the infrastructure investment, to man come in to develop our resources of energy in the u.s.. do investors look at president obama's infrastructure proposal with any degree of belief or is it something that they say it has been propo
features, a lot of people in portland are looking for. such as energy-producing solar panels, tankless water heaters and energy efficient fixtures. >> beautiful. love it. >> great house. >> sure it is. to our power house of the week, which i fell in love with. 14606 northwest 52nd court. actually located in vancouver, washington, and we'll tell you why that's important. the sales price is $1.4 million. it has four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a pool house. 5,300 square feet and under $12,000 in taxes. i'll getting on a plane. i love this house. tell me about it. >> i'll write it up for you, sue. >> you got it. >> a really great property. what a lot of people don't realize, vancouver, washington, and portland are very close together. we have a lot of season buyers entering retirement account stage, and since portland's income tax is about 12% people move to washington with no state taxes. you get a lot for your money in vancouver. looking at this house, a great retreat t. is a great retreat. i love that outdoor fireplace. and, you know, just a beautiful part of the world. let us know if t
's something that he really would feel comfortable doing. personally, i don't. >> the shift to a cleaner energy economy won't happen overnight. and it will require some tough choices along the way. >> -- the president in the national interest comment period. i guess i would use the word nation, we're a nation of people. and if something is in the national interest, i would think that each person in the nation should somehow be better for the project if it's found in the national interest. >> when our children's children look us in the eye and ask if we did all we could to leave them a safer, more stable world with new sours of energy, i want us to be able to say yes, we did. >> it's time to step up. you can't say these things and make these speeches and then be the hypocrites that don't do something when it's on their plate. >> the president made climate change a top priority during his state of the union address. and hz tried to change the game with executive orders to reduce carbon emissions. >> over the past eight years the united states has reduced our total carbon pollution more than any o
northern santa fe, and acquisition he did back in 2010. unit. from an energy it is coming from all of these acquisitions. the issue ofraise succession even more? >> succession is a huge issue for berkshire. if you listen to what buffett said about that in the past, he would say that these operating berkshire hashow a future that is going to go on much longer than him. he is not involved in the day-to-day operations. >> right. i wonder what the correlation is between their profits and gdp. is there one? analysts,speak with as the u.s. goes, so does berkshire. think about something like burlington northern santa fe, a big, big railroad. if people are buying more stuff, companies are moving more stuff, burlington northern tends to do better. --what are you expecting what do people want to know? is always on the table. last year, he did not give us that much on that front. apart from that, it is going to be everything from the economy to his thoughts about the investing environment right now. are these sectors the ones that are responsible for the profits? >> a big chunk of it. another
unique concerns. >> you wonder about your energy level, whether or not you can go the whole night waking up and doing all of those feeds and then showing up for work the next day. >> reporter: and there is something else he should know. while previous studies have compared children of older fathers to children of younger dads, a new study in sweden that tracked the children born to the same father is raising new concerns. it found that children conceived when their fathers were over 35 were 13 times more likely to have adhd than a sibling born when their fathers were in their early 20s. two and a half times more likely to have autism, and two and a half more times to struggle with substance abuse and two and a half more times likely to attempt suicide. >> there is a correlation between the bearing of psychiatric problems. this does not prove that advancing age causes the problems. >> reporter: older dads are much more common, steve martin, jack nicholson, clint eastwood, have all fathered children later in life. but while men produce sperm their entire life, the evidence suggests men hav
or energy to be here. and but they would like to see you from you, in my opinion, is that you would actually give them some hope that you intend to raise the ethical standards in san francisco government, from my percent, anything and everything that you do is based on some hidden agenda, given to you by your political masters. your political appointees. and each of you and each and every one of you answered your appointing authority, and rather than to the citizens of san francisco. and as far as i can tell, your existence is worse than meaningless, because it sets up a false hope that a citizen of this city who has a problem with this city can come to you and get assistance, when all that they are going to get is a long drawn run around where you cover the back sides of the people they are having a problem with. this body does everything when it is in its power, in addition to stand in the way of those who we try to clean up the city. and i watched dr. kurr go through what he went with you and all the man was trying to do was say that there were people at the department of health that were
lighting fixtures remain expires. the governing bodies and just started to discuss a new pc energy plan for the country. there's still many unanswered questions of the shiva. and that either it's still unclear what the workers can properly vent off the pressure inside the containment vessel every actor number two. milk and pk has an inner sense of where and how the bn cancun team and that's the way down the east. and why so many really liked in the team has managed to escape. paris has had trouble playing the treatment system for me one can wonder at its tight supplies stocked again on wednesday. the system is supposed to run full speed from april. edgar says one of the planned two working adults system suddenly halted after setting off an alarm the operator has contest running three systems since december last year. even the most kind of inherent in the tale from the tt line there. the charity plans to finish seeing all the water at the site storage and hundreds of tanks time much next year. declan has peanut be set by trouble. quilters in the usa including the county commission from l
for your energy mr. mayor and a lieutenant governor thank you. i want to invite everyone to stick around and have a bit and thanks to everyonee and thanks to everyonee and thanks to everyone announcer: b dreams and good grades aren't enough to get into college. there are actual steps you need to take. finding someone who can help is the first and most important. for the next steps, go to tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. heat waves. massive heat waves. tick. severe droughts. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. devastating... devastating hurricanes. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick! tick! tick! tick! tick! tick! our future... tick! tick! is up... to you. tick. go to while there's still time. >> february meeting of the san francisco ethics commission will now come to order. >> i will call the roll. >> vice chair renne? here. >> commissioner hur? >> here. >> commissioner keane? here. >> commissioner andrews? >> here. >> everyone is present and accounted for, thank you. >> the first order of business will be the public comment on any matters a
for the world? >> i think the report they released today is excellent. a lot of time and energy goes into it. i think the trends are right. in a number of countries you have growing activism. and they are taking to the streets or the blogs or trying to communicate through the press. and governments are cracking down. so i think the attack on civil society, is one of the trends that they rightly highlighted in the state department report. >> did you see areas that they either missed or you disagreed with their interpretation on? >> which is something they led when he was assistant secretary. therefore, however, some gaps. housing rights is not included and very recently, hundreds of egyptians has been kicked out, and this pattern happens in many countries around the world. another example is the broader issue of how this report informs u.s. foreign policy. once it has criticized them in the report. >> catlin in many places it's become dangerous, complicated to be a reporter. was 23 a bad year? >> i think it follows on the trends we have seen. the freedom has seen decline in the level of global a
is going to be the key to the thunderstorms tonight and it will bring added energy needed for heavy rain that will cause urban flooding and it will also kick up the winds a little bit faster than yesterday and on twitter i have an extensive list of some of the wind speeds we had yesterday and they exceeded severe thunderstorms level competing 58 miles per hour. here we are at 7:00, cloud deck moving over in the evening and rain is developing by 10:00, a steady rain, and the yellow are the thunderstorms moving in around midnight and heaviest rain from midnight to 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning is when we will find this, and in the morning there will an lot of ponding. once the official line passes through we get a break. the secondary chunk is coming in for the evening and it will hang around through saturday and keep it wet. rainfall amount is still looking at .5" to 1" around the neighborhoods and 2" to 4" in the mountains and when the system comes in at 1:00 o'clock we can see gusts up to 60 miles per hour and the possibility of those hanging around through at least 4:00 a.m. on saturday
monopoly on the chemotherapy. this particular wish the parents wanted to wait until he had energy. i began assigning this wish with the family in march and started to understand the two miles how are we going to achieve that i made a bold statement into turning this into goth am city. it codify catapulted. so, now it's a much for ininaccurate indicate from the divorce. people starting twoet and reposting and it went viral. it was incredible about make a wish he wanted to be thinking about being batman. there's been a lot of super issues that have happened cross the country but i think that can only happen in san francisco the mayors on board and the city hall it's an incredible outpouring and i love how san francisco is in the spotlight here and people around the world sending their love to san francisco. you kids we thank you for your encourage and we wish we can erase the pain we hope this is the day of magic and that you'll remember this forever. bat kid forever in san francisco >> san francisco is unique in this way and it's part of our compassion and we have a civic duty to be involv
on californians to reduce their water energy by 20 percent. the sf puc is asking can ustomers to voluntary reduce their water usage by 10 percent. the department is outlining actions to reduce the water and develop alternative sources of water. today i would like to ask puc and department of environment to address the topic. no. 1, the current water supply and projection for 2014 and 2015. and the plans how we will meet the puc's goal of a 10 percent usage reduction. no. 3, and overview of city water unl by the department. what are the departments doing in terms of consumption and conservation and who is doing well and not. no. 4, how are we protecting the water system, maintaining and updating and improving the water structure and guarding for fire and funding for immediate projects. no. 5, long-term planning. how are we planning for population growth. what are we doing to find sources water whether it be desaulization and i know puc grant was putting a proposal on hold and i would like to hear more about that. what are the departments doing to educate water customers, no. 6, to educate customer
of storms. here is a model depiction. this will bring thunderstorms. look at that thing spinning. energy will jump the mountains. see the forecast by late tomorrow. a break on saturday. this is the one with gulf moisture. not a heck of a lot. we are up to 6:30p on sunday. big rain right up against the mountains. this streak of snow. here is a quick look at the numbers. a feel for the type of accumulation. we are not done with winter yet. that is the bottom line. despite many areas will struggle to 9 above. northwest winds are coming down. tonight scattered clouds, bitterly cold. te mperatures rising along the shoreline. -7 at ohare. readings improving a bit. sticking snow tomorrow night. high temperature 22. stay tuned that track will be adjusting. tuned that track will be adjusting. but nobody warned me about this. [ whispers ] that boys start to smell. mom! what? you're becoming a man. this bag filled with his baseball clothes... let's just say it's got a powerful scent. but with tide sport, i just throw the bag right in the wash, clothes and all and it comes out fresh as a daisy. make
that pay good wages. manufacturing, energy, and infrastructure. over two, train folks with the skills they need to get those jobs. something that your senator is working hard to do everyday. [applause] three, guaranteeing every child has access to a world-class education. [applause] four, making sure that hard work is rewarded with wages youcan live on and savings can retire on and health care you can count on. that is what we are fighting for. [applause] minnesota is helping to lead the way on these issues. poisedate legislature is to raise your minimum wage this year. [applause] i called for a new women's economic agenda. it is actually a family economic agenda. equal pay for equal work. leaders in your state legislature are working hard on this because they know when women succeed, america succeeds. [applause] on all these issues, we are reaching out to members of congress, looking to see if they are willing to work with us on some of these priorities. what i also said at the state of the union is, in this year of action, whenever i can partner directly with states or cities or bus
food to energy, and help mike do manly things, like wrestle bears and take out the garbage. get $2 off at >>> coming up, who knew. >> which awards statue is the heaviest, the emmy, golden globe, oscar and tony. >> the answer after your local news. >> can't wait. ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> we are back with more of "today" on this winesday wednesday. we are ready to play a trivia game called who knew. with the academy awards coming up, we are about to test your knowledge of all things oscar. kathie lee will be on the red carpet. she's ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who don't get it right. those who don't, they get a kathie lee cd. that's just sad. here to help me out is entertainment weekly senior writer, tim stack. >> i'm old. >> tim, first we asked the question before the break. here is the question. >> yeah. >> which award is the heaviest, the emmy, golden globe, oscar or tony. tim, what is the answer? >> hoda, the envelope please. >> oh. >> yes. oh. >> what is it? >> the answer is the oscar. the oscar. >> and why? >> it is 8.5 pounds. that's about what i lift normally. that's
in washington this week, gives the members of the caucus renewed energy and purpose. events held during rare disease week highlight what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done and there is a lot to do but we will do it together. i am working on important legislation in this area, the bipartisan modernizing our drug and diagnostic evaluation and regulatory network, or modern cures act, that will update the nation's drug evaluation process to encourage the discovery and development of new treatments for chronic and rare diseases. the measure will also create a system that rewards efficiency and defectiveness to the benefit of all persons with rare diseases. the modern cures act will encourage the development of drugs abandoned in the development process. it will create a new category of drugs known as dormant therapies for compounds with insufficient patent protections, drugs that offer the promise to treat conditions with unmet medical needs. updating regulatory networks, such as patent reform, will help open the pipeline for new innovations and therapies. patients with degener
here is important. in congress we often focus our energy and attention on those issues that are most divisive and controversial. there are real substantive disagreements between the two parties and among the american people. but congress must do the hard things and every now and then we get an opportunity to do something easy. this should be easy. the reforms in this bill are low-hanging fruit. these are modest reforms supported by republicans and democrats alike. some of these changes merely codify sdemreck tiff orders issued by the -- executive orders issued by the last two democrat presidents. some of my colleagues have suggestions for improvement and have offered amendments to this bill. great. these will be discussed tomorrow in an open and transparent process. in fact, mr. speaker, every democrat amendment that was submitted has been included in this rule. i hope that my colleagues will join me in supporting this sensible legislation that had enhance transparency, accountability and awareness of federal mandates. i urge my colleagues to vote for this rule and the underlying bil
a routine x-ray, according to the department of energy. >> a lot of people are skeptical. >> with good reason. this is the first time in 15 years they have had a leak, and the department of energy held this forum, and hundople showede not satisfied with the answers they were getting. on top of that, a lab in carlsbad that tests radiation, has gotten more appointment in the last week as over the past six months. as for employees, officials are saying they're determining schedules. there's no risk to friends and employees, and the epa is being asked to test though site. >> trace, thank you. >>> an important update on a sick girl. after the state of massachusetts took her away from her family. we're hearing a judge may now allow them to reunite but the battle over how to treat this teenaged girl some what is behind -- girl and what is behind her illness is up to the air. doctors versus doctors and a family caught in the middle. the teen's father is our guest live next. the conversation about her mortgage didn't start here. block >> something is going on. you're looking live at the east
] only with abreva. a human energy crisis going on. quaker real medleys has real fruit... nuts and multigrains. power up with the good energy of quaker real medleys. quaker up. >>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, breaking news in the south bay, hazardous materials crews have all lanes of 101 shut down southbound through morgan hill after a tanker accident. some people have been evacuated from their homes. the accident is affecting northbound traffic as drivers slow down. >> two, breaking news in san jose, firefighters are on the scene of an apartment fire that displaced 18 people. it broke out shortly after midnight. crews are now in the mop-up stage. everyone got out safely. >> officials say smoke from an air conditioning system caused a delta connection flight to be evacuated after it landed in oakland. this is video shot by the former bart spokesman would was a passenger on the flight. katie marzullo will have the latest ahead. >> four, russia says they offering protection to embattled ukraine president yanukovich who fled the home country after posts
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